November 19, 2012


Because you are short on ideas for a holiday card photo.  Because you are creating a December Daily or other holiday scrapbook.  Because you want to remember this holiday season. Because grandma and grandpa will love to see them.  Because sometimes we need to be reminded to record the little moments in life.

Take photographs:
  1. With Santa
  2. Bundled up (rosy cheeks, running noses and all)
  3. Under the Christmas tree
  4. With their stockings
  5. With their pile of wrapped gifts
  6. With their pile of unwrapped gifts 
  7. Playing/buried in the wrapping paper, after gifts have been opened
  8. Kissing someone under the mistletoe
  9. Wearing a Santa hat, reindeer antlers or elf ears
  10. With twinkling lights in the background
  11. All wrapped up in twinkling lights
  12. Playing with the nativity set 
  13. Hanging ornaments
  14. Placing the topper on the tree
  15. Wrapped up in garland or ribbon, with bows on their heads
  16. Baking or frosting cookies
  17. Drinking hot cocoa
  18. Walking into or out of church
  19. In their holiiday finery
  20. Making snow  angels
  21. Around your house
  22. Building a snowman or fort
  23. Eating a candy cane
  24. Wearing Christmas pajamas
  25. Tucked in bed on Christmas Eve
Even if you don't manage to get your holiday photo in the mail until January (if at all).  Even if your holiday scrapbook is left half completed.  Even if your photos don't make it to your blog or into the mail for grandma and grandpa.  I promise you that you won't regret taking photos this Christmas season.  A day will come when the memories are fading and you will thank yourself for taking the time to record this season.  

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