August 30, 2012


Allow me to introduce you to the best life-record-slash-journal-slash-scrapbook method that I have ever met.  (And I have known a few in my day.) 

He goes by the name Project Life.

Project Life, this is my blog.

I want you to two to be the best of buddies. 

Blog reading friends: if this is the first time you have been introduced to Project Life, you are in for such a treat.

Especially if you are one of those peeps that, like me, can spend hours in the stationery/journal section of the bookstore, is tempted to save memorabilia from your daily adventures, likes to journal or otherwise keep a record of what's going on in your life and likes to take a lot of photos.

So what exactly is Project Life? 

Well, you can make it what you want it to be (one of its best features), but it was originally designed as a way to record your life on a weekly basis, using pocket style scrapbook pages.

Think of a three ring binder filled with clear plastic pages meant to hold baseball cards.  Now, imagine an open spread of two pages where each of those little pockets is filled with something to show what happened in your life that week.

This system was developed by the wonderful Becky Higgins.  Since she is the creator, you might find it helpful to read her description of Project Life

For me, the majority of those pockets hold photographs.  First runner up: journal entries (recorded on paper that is cut to the proper size.)  I also fill one pocket with an "our week" title card that has been stamped with the first and last date of that week and I reserve one pocket for a happy little saying, Bible verse or quote that I print on brown kraft paper.  And finally, I do include some random memorabilia as it finds its way into my life.

Becky Higgins offers a variety of products that allow you to make this project your own.  It can be as simple or as detailed as you like.  You can use her products (all available through Amazon), you can buy digital products online through other individuals, you can find some freebie printables online or you can make your own.

In the coming weeks, I will share more about my own Project Life journey and I also plan to share some free printables with you!

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