September 24, 2012


People like to talk to you when you are toting a baby around town. 

Over the past several months, I have had more than one person tell me how lucky I am. 

They are right.   I like to think of myself as blessed rather than lucky.  But yes,  I am lucky and I am so incredibly blessed to have Samuel in my life. 

There are so many couples that would love to bring a baby into the world and are unable to.  I have been blessed with fertility and the ability to carry a baby to term.  Not only that, but I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy.
I learned that friends of a friend, just this week, relinquished their baby into the arms of heaven.  I have been blessed not only with a healthy baby, but also with today.  Today, I get to hold my baby in my arms and cover his sweet little cheeks with mama kisses. 

The people that told me how lucky I was to have a baby were well out of the baby rearing phase.  I recognize that I am also blessed to be in this stage of life.  This is one of those sweet stages that is so full of life, love and hope.  Not every stage of life is like that and I want to soak in every bit of it that I can.

Each day, I get to watch as Sam's world expands.  He is learning things so quickly and his personality is emerging in both giggles and cries.  Our days are sweet, just now - filled with lots of story books, snuggling, walks around the neighborhood and blowing raspberries on Sam's tummy.  I am blessed to be a guiding light to this little life. 

God is good.