September 21, 2012


One of the best things that we did this past summer, was create a summer bucket list.  While our list did include a few things that needed to get done, it was largely composed of fun activities.  

We did not get everything crossed off the list, but we did quite a few.  Just having a list seemed to help us fit in a few extra fun and memorable activities.  Whenever we had a free evening or a couple days without much planned, we would go to our list for ideas.

Now that we have reached the end of September, I think it is (probably past) time to create a similar list for the fall.  

A few of these are already on the calendar, but most are just things that we hope to fit in sometime between now and the end of the year.  
  1. Host a football party. 
  2. Go out with the mister to celebrate the anniversary of our first date and our engagement.
  3. Take a walk and have a picnic in our old neighborhood. 
  4. Complete Christmas shopping by December 15th.
  5. Create a fun holiday card and/or letter that we can incorporate into our family Project Life album.  (And get them in the mail by December 20th.)
  6. Take Sam to see Santa Claus.
  7. Scream my way through a haunted house with the mister.
  8. Wine tasting with my girlfriends.
  9. Movie date nights on the couch - after Sam goes to bed.
  10. Introduce Sam to snow.
  11. Visit my mom.
  12. Take more family - either take them ourselves or have them taken professionally - or both!   
  13. Make Sam's playroom more play-friendly and also cuter.
  14. Go out for breakfast.
  15. Spend lots of time at the library.
  16. Drive around to look at Christmas lights.
I have created a 4x6 printable journaling card that you can use to record your own list.  Once you've made your list, you can save it to your computer desktop or print it out to hang on your fridge and/or put in your Project Life album.

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