September 20, 2012


Another title for this post would be: A New Plan for Sharing 

I will explain a bit more below.  But first, the pages...

Week 5 Layout:

 A closer look at left hand page (Week 5):

A closer look at the right page (Week 5):

About Week 5:
I love these pages because they include so many photos of Baby P's nursery.  I spent many an hour crafting his room and many an hour in his room daydreaming about my sweet babe to be.  Other stuff going on during week five: the only snow storm of our winter and basement finishing progress photos.  All journaling cards were created by me and printed on our home printer.  

Week 8 layout:

The left page (Week 8):

Week 8 (right page):

The insert:

About week 8:
This was the most life altering week of my life.  Our little Samuel arrived on Monday afternoon.  Most of the week was spent in the hospital, as  we went in on Sunday night and didn't get released until Thursday evening.   

Sam's middle name (Birger) is my dad's first name and was also my great-grandfather's name.  It is a Swedish name.  I love that Sam has this special connection to his Grandpa Birger. 

About the pages and insert:
The journaling cards are a combination of ones that I created myself and freebie printables from September Blue.  The insert page protector is from American Crafts.

If you're wondering where the other two weeks of February went, I have a long answer to that question and also a short one.  

The short answer: They're not finished.

The longer answer involves a lot of explanation and a few excuses, but I think we can just stick to the short answer.  

When I complete them, I will be sure to share them with you! 

About changing my Project Life posting schedule:
Remember my plan to share two weeks of my Project Life album, each week, until I was caught up?  Well, I never actually sat down to look at a calendar.  Or, apparently, gave this plan much intellectual thought at all.  The truth is, with this plan it would take me forever and a day to actually get caught up. 

Also, two Project Life layout posts per week, plus any additional Project Life advice, thoughts or freebies would equal an overload of Project Life and not enough blog time for everything else that I want to share with you

The new plan, is to share the "catch up" pages by the month.  So, last week, I finished up January.  This week, I will share February, next week March and so on.

Whenever my blog posts catch up with my actual progress, I will switch to sharing my layouts one week at a time, as they are completed. This should happen sometime in the beginning of November.  

Anyone else have random unfinished pages from many moons ago and little idea how they will eventually complete them?

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  1. Your little Samuel is so cute!
    I have a little Samuel too -- born about a year before yours!
    Love your pages here!