September 11, 2012


In the same way that I am not a rapper or a pastry chef, I am not a fashion forward kind of chick. 

I like to look nice, but fashion is pretty low on my list of priorities.  Pretty house?  Yes.  New shirt?  Meh. 

So, those that know me might be a bit surprised to learn that I am embarking on a project that is all about clothing.  This particular project is called Project 333 and was created by Courtney Carver.  The general idea is to limit your wardrobe to 33 items of clothing to wear over a three month period.  If you are interested in this project, I highly recommend checking out the Project 333 site for more detailed information.

Wondering why a girl who cares very little about clothing is excited to start this type of project?  

I already know what my life looks like without a clothing plan: Picture me, in my closet full of clothes with "nothing to wear."  Now, imagine me taking a last minute trip to the store to find appropriate clothing and finding myself completely stressed out as I still find "nothing to wear" or finding something that will work, spending my hard earned money on said item(s), but returning to the same "nothing to wear" problem the following week. 

Project 333 to the rescue! 

My hope  is to create a wardrobe that is made up of clothing that I like, that fits me well and that plays well together.  This should help me to get more use of out of my clothing and to be happier with my clothing options on a day to day basis. 

Having a clothing plan seems like a wonderful exercise in both intentionality and simplification.  This project may cause me to spend a bit of money at the front end, but I predict that it will save me money in the long run.  And, as I have prepared for the start of Project 333, (I am going to start on October 1st) my closet is gaining more and more breathing room - which I very much like.

I am working on a post for Thursday that gives a few more details on the rules that I plan to follow and a glimpse into what my 33 items will include.

As a post script: Is anyone else amused at the fact that I am now participating in both Project Life and Project 333? I guess that 2012 is the year for brooke to start Projects.

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