September 4, 2012


Here she is – the very first page of our very first family Project Life book.  
I have noticed that a lot of Project Lifers label their weekly layouts as, “Week 1,” “Week 2” and so on.  I have done the same thing in my blog post title, since it seems to be the easiest way to title the post in a (somewhat) meaningful way.  But, in my everyday life, I never identify an event by the week of the year in which it occurred.  An example of what I don’t say: “Oh shoot, I can’t meet you for drinks on the Saturday of Week 22 because we have a wedding to go to that night.”  And really, I don’t think anyone says this.  Am I wrong?  Do you?  Since the week number is not really meaningful to me, I have not used it to label my weekly layouts.  I simply label each week with the starting and ending date.  

This leads me to a related topic.  What constitutes a week?  It may not follow the most common convention, but in my head, a week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.  Since this is my Project Life, my weeks follow along with my own convention.   As I mentioned in my "Introduction to Project Life” post, you can make it your own.  Make it fit you. That;s part of the reason that I love this scrapbooking method so much.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber.  Let’s talk about my very first page.  Yay!

To save you from scrolling up, here it is again:

Here is a closer look at the left hand page:

And here is the right:

About the week:
We were blessed with the opportunity to start 2012 on vacation.  Even better, we were on vacation with family in a warm location.  As you can imagine, it was a wonderful week and an awesome way to start our year. 

About the pages:
I printed the “Our Week” title card on white card stock and used a date stamp to mark the dates (Sunday through Saturday).

I also printed my journal cards on white card stock and a celebratory quote on brown kraft paper.  I filled in the rest of the pockets with photos or photos attached (via washi tape) to kraft paper.  

The journal cards for Week 1 are a combination of cards that I created myself and some printable freebies from September Blue

I don't want my album to look the same from page to page, but I would like to keep some level of consistency. So, each 2012 layout will have an arrow themed title card and a quote, saying or verse printed on brown kraft paper.  Any pictures (or journal cards) that do not fill up their pocket will also be mounted on kraft paper. 

And that rounds up the first week of 2012!  

How do you date your title cards?  With the week number and the dates?  Just the week number?  Just the dates?  Do you try to keep any page elements consistent from week to week?

(I am currently working on Project Life pages only one to two weeks behind the actual calendar.  Yay for being caught up!  Until I get the blog caught up to the calendar, I will post Project Life pages twice a week.)

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