October 26, 2012


My face has been glued to my computer screen for the past week.  And this is (part of) the result:

And with that, my grace and light etsy shop is up and running again.  

The exciting news for you?  If you can be patient, the 3"x4" calendar can be yours for the price of $0.00.  I am currently selling it in my shop for $5, but will be sharing the digital file for each calendar page at the start of each month in 2013.  

January's calendar page will be available on January 1st - along with my goals (I prefer those to resolutions) for the new year.

I am also working on (slowly) developing an entire line of Project Life printables - journaling, filler and title cards that will coordinate with the calendars above.  I am loving this Project Life side project and hope you like it too!  

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