October 1, 2012


It is October 1st and that means today is the start of my Project 333 project!  Woot!

It has been strange to have separate clothes set aside in my closet to start wearing on a specific date.  It has encouraged me to wear more of my other clothes for the past few weeks and also helped me to look forward to this date, since there are some new clothes in my 33 item list that I am anxious to wear.  

Here is my finalized list:

For the bottom half:
1. bootcut jeans
2. skinny jeans
3. green skinny jeans
4. dress pants
5. shorts (to be changed out with something else when the weather gets cooler)
6. navy polka dot skirt

Ts and long sleeve Ts:
7. grey short sleeve
8. grey long sleeve
9. white short sleeve (not pictured above)
10. white burnout long sleeve
11.  black long sleeve
12. grey long sleeve with silvery polka dots
13. tealish graphic t
14. purple graphic t 
15. grey and black striped long sleeve
16. white and navy striped

Cardigans and such:
17. teal cardigan
18. navy cardigan
19. fuschia cardigan
20. black zip up 

Shirts and sweaters:
21. navy sheer short sleeve
22. blue sweater
23. black sweater  

24.grey 3/4 length sleeve with ribbing at neck and waist

25. pink scarf
26. yellow patterned scarf

27. jewelry
28. shoes
29. scrubs

To find/purchase:  

I have four spaces left on my list and four more "things" that I would still like to get, which works out quite nicely.

1. A dress.  I haven't found one that I love enough to buy.  So, I'll be keeping my eyes open.
2. An orange shirt that I tried on last week, but didn't buy.  
3. Another pair of colored pants?  Maybe blue or orange.
4. I need some more color in my wardrobe, so I would like a few more colorful tank tops.  Technically, these will be worn under my other shirts, so they could be classified as underwear, but I am trying to keep myself accountable to not re-filling my closet and dresser drawers, so I am going to count them as my final item.

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