September 28, 2012


I created an inspiration/mood board to help me put together all of my ideas for finishing Sam's playroom.  

Here's she is:

playroom makeover

The "textiles" that I would like to add to the room include pillows and a blanket for the reading area and possibly a rug for the open space in the middle of the room.  

I'm not sure why, but I have a strong urge to add some giraffe art to one of the walls.  Clouds would also be nice, since the room is windowless and clouds always make me feel a mixture of happiness and relaxation.  

I already have a couple molded plastic chairs that were long-ago craigslist finds.  I think that at least one of them will find its way into the room.

The magnet "board" in the inspiration plan is actually seven separate magnetic strips.  I like the look.  I definitely want to add some sort of magnetic surface to the walls, but I'm not sure what form it will take.

I have a basket just waiting for some green spray paint and am excited about some extra toy storage with a price tag of one can of paint.  

The yarn wrapped "G" is on the board to represent some sort of initial or name project.  I would like to have include the letter S or the word SAM somewhere in the room.  

A couple things in the back of my mind that didn't make it onto the inspiration board: a place to display Sam's artwork and some sort of wallpaper or stenciling. 

Creating this mood board has made even more excited about this project than I was before! 

Note:  If you are interested in any of the specific items included in my inspiration board, click on the image and it will take you to the Polyvore site and links to the individual items. 

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