October 11, 2012


It is (not quite) the middle of October and I am already making plans for Project Life 2013.  AKA brooke's Project Life 2.0.  

I can't help myself.  I like to plan.  

I am also slightly obsessed with making things look pretty. When the two combine into one big project, well, that's where you will find me.  

Here are the things motivating the changes to my 2013 version of Project Life:
  • I long for a greater degree of consistency/cohesiveness within my album.
  • I want my book to more closely resemble my personal taste/style.
  • I have ogled the pages of other people's PL albums and they have inspired me.  There is some seriously amazing stuff out there in the blogosphere.
  • I have had sufficient time to create a "line" of journaling and filler cards that I am really excited about. 
And here are the unofficial plans:
  • Include more white/negative space.
  • Include (or at least try) some hand journaling.
  • Create a more unified look by using a small sampling of scrapbooking products and methods throughout my album.  I plan to fill most of my album with journaling and filler cards of my own design, but also have my eye on a few things to buy. 
And now, for some of those amazing pages that I mentioned above:


more marcy penner (isn't she great??)

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