September 27, 2012


One of the “to do” items on my Fall Family Fun List is to make Sam’s playroom more suitable for play.  I would also like for it to be a bit more polished and pretty.  And, I don’t want to spend major money.  

I’m not asking for a lot, right?  

Here’s the entry to the playroom from the family room (doors closed):

Looking through the double doors towards the right:

In the room (towards the right):
In the room (towards the left):

Please forgive the less than perfect (understatement?) color in the photographs.  There is zero natural light in this corner of the basement.


This is a really long and narrow space with two major issues and one awesome feature.  The issues?  No windows and that giant electrical box.  The awesome feature?  Those double doors that allow us to close off the mess!
All of the furniture in the room was owned before our Sammer entered our lives and I think it will all remain in the room once our little makeover is complete.
  • The table was the hubby’s former dining room table. 
  • The platform bed lived in my guest room in my previous house. 
  • The wicker hamper was a hand-me-down that I spray painted blue and serves as our main basement toy storage. 
  • The little white bookshelf that is shaped like a house was discovered at a yard sale.  When I bought it, it was painted a less than attractive lime green and red combination.
  • The other white book shelf used to live in my craft room – that has since become Sam’s nursery.

The only major furniture-related issue is how much space the table takes and the fact that its size isn’t very kid-friendly.  I have requested that my dad make Sam a kid-sized table as a Christmas or birthday gift (or possibly as a gift for Christmas 2013), so the longevity of the current table in this room is unknown, but hopefully limited.  

The Plan:

I would like for the end of the room with the platform bed to become a cozy space for reading and relaxing.  

I would like to be able to use the table for some of my own crafting/blogging projects and also as a crafting and coloring space for Sam.  I really like the idea of the table being multifunctional and offering me a place to "work" in the same space where Sam can play.  

I would like the middle portion of the room to remain relatively open so there is plenty of space to spread out with toys on the floor.   

A few things that are desperately needed:
  • more/better lighting
  • color
  • something to hide the electrical box
  • more toy and book storage
  • artwork on the walls
This makeover isn't something that I hope to have done in the next week or two, but I would like to have it done by the end of this year.

Of course "done" is a relative term.  I am sure that it will continue to evolve as Sam evolves and acquires new and different toys.  Things like a play kitchen, a kids-sized table or work bench would likely require more rearranging and reworking of the space. 

I am working on a mood board to share with y'all tomorrow to give you a better idea of the direction this room will be heading.   

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